Arizona Electrical Licensing
& Continuing Education Requirements

Electrical Licensing

Continuing Education

There are multiple types of Electrical Licenses in Arizona, however they all follow the same requirements:

  • C-11 Specialty Commercial Electrical
  • R-11 Specialty Residential Electrical
  • CR-11 Specialty Dual License Electrical (allows both commercial and residential)

All Arizona Electrical Licenses require a minimum of 4 years experience, which must be hands-on and/or managerial experience.

An Arizona license expires every two years on the expiration date printed on your license. A licensee shall submit an application for renewal to the Registrar, accompanied by the required renewal fee. License and renewal information and forms can be found on the board website.

There are NO state continuing education requirements for electrical licenses in Arizona. Please check with your county or local municipality for requirements they may have.

For questions regarding your state’s CE requirements or licensing, please contact your state board directly.
(602) 542-1525 
| Arizona Board Website

ARIZONA Continuing Education Courses

For Instructor-Led, Online Versions of these Courses, CLICK HERE

4-Hr Grounding & Bonding 2020

(Self-Paced)                                                      $85

8-Hr Understanding the 2020 NEC

(Self-Paced)                                                    $125

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