Consulting Services

The following services are provided by Chad German Electrical Consulting

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Learning new skills and refining your understanding of the electrical trades are vital to your success and safety throughout your journey as an electrician. My practical approach for teaching electrical code and theory will show you how textbook principles and concepts apply to the real world.

Exam Prep

Completing the electrical exam is a daunting undertaking that requires countless hours of studying, lab work, and a solid understanding and foundation of electrical theory and code. My exam preparation course will empower you with the confidence and knowledge needed to pass your electrical exam with flying colors.

Learn Leadership Skills 

An electrician is more than just knowing how to wire a home, bend conduit, and install outlets and switches. My goal is to teach you how to be a leader, motivate your team, and confidently tackle complex problems you may encounter while working in the field.

Running and Managing Jobs

My ramp-up process and training program for managing a wide range of electrical jobs will empower you and your team with the essential skills necessary to run complex projects in varying working conditions and outfits.

NEC Code Classes

Let me work with you and your employees in a one-on-one basis to help with NEC code related classes.

Theory Classes

One of my specialties is teaching Electrical Theory. Let me work with you and your company on basic principles.

Build To Suit 

Chad will customize any training program to help you and your company. We are here to help YOU!

You pick the topics, the time frame, and how you want it taught (virtually or in-person).

You will NOT find a more convenient way to receive electrical training than with Nationwide Electrical Education Services.

Certificate Programs & Apprenticeship Training 

We offer a variety of full training programs including:

  • 14-module new worker program
  • 38-lesson introduction to basic electrical program
  • 4- or 5-year apprenticeship training.

These programs CAN each be customized to meet your specific needs.

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