FREE Courses

2017 NEC Knowledge Check

Check your 2017 NEC knowledge for FREE with this course. All topics are covered in this code check course.

2020 NEC Knowledge Check

Check your 2020 NEC knowledge with these practice questions. This FREE course will cover every available topic in the 2020 NEC from Grounding & Bonding to Significant changes.

Power Panels

In this course we will cover the basics as well as some of the advanced features of the Siemens P4/P5 Power Panels. This course is 78 minutes long.

Plug On Neutral Panels

In this course you will learn the features and benefits of the Siemens offering of load centers that apply to the residential market. This course is 30 minutes long.

Siemens Busway

In this course you will learn the basics of busway with a focus on the Sentron line of busway. You will also learn some installation and measuring techniques to help you on the jobsite. This course is 25 minutes long.

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