Electrical Residential Wiring Based On The 2017 NEC

This is a 33 step course. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end. 1- General Information For Installs2- specifications, Symbols and Outlets3- Calculating Branch Circuits4- Conductor sizes and Types5- Conductor Identification6- GFCI, AFCI, Surge Protection7- Luminaries, Ballasts and lamps8- Lighting Circuits – Bedrooms9- Lighting Circuits – Master Bedroom 10- Lighting Circuits – …

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Basic House Wiring

This is a 22 part course. 1- Residential Workplace Safety2- Hardware & Material In Residential Wiring3- Tools Used In Residential Wiring 4- Test & Measurement Instruments5- Understanding Residential Building Plans6- Branch Circuits, Feeder Circuits, Service Entrance Requirements7- Residential Service Entrances8- Service Entrance Equipment & Installations9- General NEC Requirements For Rough In Wiring10- Electrical Box Installation11- …

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