NFPA 70E Basics

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This is a 10 part course. You can earn 4 CEU credit hours for this course.

All of our CEU classes have built in timers from chapter to chapter. You MUST spend the set amount of time on each lesson to advance to the next lesson. Some states require you to have quizes or final exams for online CEU credits. If so you will need a 70% to pass the quiz or final exam as required.

1- Electric Hazards & Basic Electrical Safety
2- Multi Employer Worksites
3- Training Of Qualified & Unqualified Workers
4- Approach Boundaries For Shock & Arc Flash
5- Performing A Risk Assessment
6- Establishing An Electrically Safe Work Condition
7- Working On Energized Conductors
8- Portable Electric Tools
9- Selecting PPE
10- Guidelines For Electrical Tasks

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