Solar Photovoltaic Codes for Installers and Inspectors –

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Course description: This course is offered as self-paced and instructor led. You can find the instructor led version on the events page.

Solar Photovoltaic Codes for Installers and Inspectors 2 hours

The electrical, structural and fire codes covering residential and commercial solar electric systems have expanded significantly in both scope and complexity through the last few code cycles, and are different and more specific than codes for traditional power distribution systems. Energy storage systems are also becoming common, and have their own specialized code requirements.

This course covers current and past NEC, IFC and IRC rules for PV systems, with a focus on the most common code violations that PV installers need to avoid and AHJ inspectors need to look for. It is intended for electrical professionals who already understand the basics of PV systems, but need to learn and implement the details.

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