Louisiana Electrical Licensing
& Continuing Education Requirements

Electrical Licensing

Continuing Education

  • Complete the Commercial Application.
      • Additional information/documents may be requested within the application.
  • Provide a financial statement affidavit showing a minimum of $10,000 net worth (must be current within 12 months of application).
  • Pass the required examinations.
      • After the application is submitted, the Qualifying Party will receive testing information.
      • Must take Business & Law course
      • Must take Trade exam if applicable

The initial license certificate will be valid for one year, then you may renew your license for a one, two, or three year period.

There are NO state continuing education requirements for electrical contractor licenses in Louisiana. Please check with your county of local municipality for any requirements they may have.

For questions regarding your state’s CE requirements or licensing, please contact your state board directly.

(225) 765-2301 |(800) 256-1392 | Louisiana Board Website

LOUISIANA Continuing Education Courses

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