Maryland Electrical Licensing
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Electrical Licensing

Continuing Education

The Maryland State Board of Master Electricians issues only one license, a master electrician’s license. However, the actual performance license to perform electrical work is issued by each of the local jurisdictions in Maryland.

Many local jurisdictions issue additional categories of electrical licenses. All of these licenses are LESSER than a master electrician. For example, some jurisdictions may issue a “general electrician,” a “limited electrician,” or a “low voltage” license. To obtain a lesser license, please contact the local jurisdiction where you anticipate working. Not all jurisdictions offer a lesser license. In those jurisdictions that do not offer one, an individual must hold a master electrician’s license to perform any electrical work.

To take a master electrician’s license examination, the applicant must have been engaged or employed regularly and principally in providing electrical services for all types of electrical equipment and apparatus for at least seven years under the direction and supervision of:

  • a master electrician, or
  • a similarly qualified employee of a governmental unit.

A master electrician’s license is valid for two years from the date it was issued.

A master electrician shall have completed 10 hours of continuing education during the prior license term.

For questions regarding your state’s CE requirements or licensing, please contact your state board directly.

(410) 230-6231 | Maryland Board Website

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