Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC


2020 NEC Analysis of Changes

Learn the most essential changes to the 2020 NFPA 70 National Electrical Code (NEC)®. Don’t let a change in code catch you unaware! Written by our industry experts from the International Office of IAEI with input from our IAEI representatives who sit on the NEC® code-making panels, this comprehensive book is a must-have resource you will reference throughout the years. Four new articles include: Overvoltage Protection, Article 242; Medium Voltage Conductors and Cable, Article 311; Type P Cable, Article 337; and General Requirements for Communications Systems, new Article 800. Learn about significant changes regarding GFCI protection, grounding conductors, lighting load calculations, surge protection and outdoor emergency disconnects for dwelling units, circuit current rating for switchboards, switchgear, and panelboards, grounding and bonding of HVAC equipment on rooftops, areas covered and not covered in health care facilities, manufactured buildings and relocatable structures, GFPE and GFCI protection at marinas, boatyards and docking facilities, splash pads, and much more. 296 figures and images make these new articles and changes easy to understand.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: General, Articles 100-110
  • Chapter 2: Wiring and Protections, Articles 210-250
  • Chapter 3: Wiring Methods, Articles 300-370
  • Chapter 4: Equipment for General Use, Articles 400-490
  • Chapter 5: Special Occupancies, Articles 500-590
  • Chapter 6: Special Equipment, Articles 600-695
  • Chapter 7: Special Conditions, Articles 700-770
  • Chapter 8: Communications Systems, Articles 800-840
  • Chapter 9: Tables and Informative Annexes
  • Colophon

Publisher: International Association of Electrical Inspectors, 2020

ISBN: 9781890659844

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