Electrical Math Principles and Applications


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Electrical Math Principles and Applications demonstrates how electrical technicians use math on the job. From the fundamentals to advanced math concepts, this text/workbook presents math principles in an electrical context so that learners understand their relevance. Each chapter is divided into smaller sections that present basic math principles in arithmetic, notations, numbering systems, measurements, conversions, formulas, equations, percentages, ratios, graphs, trigonometry, vectors, and complex numbers.
Key features of this text/workbook:
• Electrical applications provide step-by-step explanations and graphics showcasing how math is used to solve problems in the field.
• Checkpoint questions at the end of each section assess comprehension of math principles.
• Math exercises at the end of each chapter ask learners to use math principles to solve electrical problems.
• Complimentary online learner resources provide additional opportunities to learn and apply math skills.
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