Electrical Safety: Regulations & Standards August 2020 Edition


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Electrical Safety: Regulations & Standards August 2020 Edition

Updated Through August 2020

Mancomm’s Electrical Safety: Regulations & Standards provides the federal regulations and standards your workers need to know in order to stay safe. Mancomm graphically formats the electrical regulations to make it easy for you to search for and quickly find all the information you need, in the book or on your portable device.

The parts and subparts cover the following: OSHA electrical standards, recognition of hazards related to electrical equipment and installations, grounding requirements, safety-related work practices and electrical protective equipment, industry-specific regulations, and more. To protect your workers and stay compliant with OSHA, Mancomm offers a new product focused on electrical safety: Electrical Safety: Regulations & Standards.

Book Details:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ softcover book
  • Enhanced with RegLogic®
  • 172 Pages
  • 99 tables
  • 18 images
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