Electrical Wiring Commercial, 16th Edition


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by Phil Simmons Simmons Electrical Services Ray C. Mullin

Offering the most current coverage available, ELECTRICAL WIRING COMMERCIAL, Sixteenth Edition, is completely revised and up to date with the 2017 National Electrical Code®. Extremely reader-friendly, this trusted text has long been popular with instructors and students alike. Vibrant, full-color illustrations and photographs help bring key concepts to life and make even difficult material easier to understand. The new edition provides stronger emphasis on green technologies and new developments within electrical design and installation, as well as expansive coverage of safety in the workplace.


  • With up-to-date illustrations, real-world examples, and cutting-edge coverage, ELECTRICAL WIRING COMMERCIAL, Sixteenth Edition, has been a highly popular, widely trusted resource for generations of students and professionals.
  • Full-color drawings, diagrams, illustrations, and product photographs bring chapter concepts to life, add clarity to explanations, and improve understanding.
  • Green technologies in electrical design and installation are spotlighted throughout the text, drawing attention to these increasingly important aspects of modern electrical wiring.
  • A wealth of practical, real-world examples reinforce key calculations and concepts throughout the text, making it easier for readers to see the practical applications of chapter material.
  • Both metric and English measurements are used to appeal to readers of all backgrounds and make text content more universal.
  • A convenient Crisscross Code Index allows readers to quickly and easily reference specific content and code requirements.

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