Fire Alarm Certification Exam QuickPass Study Guide Based On The National Fire Alarm Code


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NEW! Fire Alarm Certification Exam QuickPass Study Guide 

Based On The National Fire Alarm Code


By: Builder’s Book, Inc.



Learn, improve & check your code knowledge with the Fire Alarm Certification Exam QuickPass Study Guide.

Be better prepared for the Fire Alarm Certification Exam with the QuickPass Fire Alarm Certification Exam Study Guide.

This comprehensive study guide plus interactive CD-ROM, based on the Fire Alarm Code, is designed to help you pass the Fire Alarm Installer/Inspector Exam.

This interactive study guide is a valuable tool for
those studying for commercial and residential fire alarm exams.

The interactive CD-ROM includes all the questions in the book presented in different formats
to help optimize your studying time! Choose between study mode and exam mode.

Choose Study Mode and let the computer be your teacher! Review the questions as you go and access explanations, code references and code sections with a simple click!

Choose Exam Mode for a test-taking experience! This mode simulates the test-taking experience by not revealing the correct/incorrect questions until you complete the test and by grading your test. Select
the “untimed” option to go at your own pace or the “timed” option to further simulate the test-taking experience.

With almost 1,500 practice questions, this study guide and interactive CD-ROM provides you
with everything you need to pass the exam!

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