NTC Orange Book, Fire Alarm Code Handbook


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The NTC Orange Book (Fire Alarm Code Handbook) is based on the 4 codes which are most important for the fire alarm language and is designed to make requirements easy to find.
The NTC Orange Book iis well known in the industry as the most important fire alarm systems reference for code requirements.  The NTC Orange Book is easy to use and assists you in finding requirements quickly.  This book is based on code requirements for fire alarm systems and includes life safety requirements and electrical requirements.


  • Covers key parts of NFPA 72, NFPA 70, NFPA 101, and the IBC
  • Specifies fire alarm system code requirements
  • Easy to read and use
  • Includes fire alarm system requirements for all building types
  • Electrical requirements for fire alarm systems
  • Voltage drop and battery calculations explained
  • Find requirements for fire alarm systems quickly
  • Features specialized tables and charts to assist in system design
  • Includes the Top 100, The most important code requirements
  • System Sheets explain fundamental fire alarm components and applications
  • Great tool to prepare for certification
  • Desk reference for fire alarm system design requirements

NFPA 72 The National Fire Alarm Code is a very difficult reference to read and use.  The NTC Orange Book is easy to read and use.  The requirements for fire alarm systems are clearly laid out and organized.  Whether your design requires manual or automatic detection, the requirements are easy to find and understand.  Chuck Notes also clearly explains the type of notification used in the industry and the requirements for using these devices.  Many other fire alarm subjects are covered in this amazing reference as well.

The NTC Orange Book includes the life safety and building code requirements for fire alarm systems.  Life safety and building code requirements are some of the most difficult to understand and properly employ for fire alarm system design.  The Orange Book makes incorporating these requirements easy.

Fire alarm systems are electrical systems.  The electrical requirements for fire alarm systems are clearly detailed in the NTC Orange Book.  The proper functioning of every fire alarm system depends on the quality of the electrical wiring and its installation.  Following the easy to understand electrical requirements in Chuck Notes will ensure your systems work when it really counts.  Additionally, they will help you comply with the requirements of your AHJ.

The NTC Orange Book is a fantastic study reference.  Certification testing requires the ability to identify requirements quickly and NTC Oraneg Book has been specifically developed for that purpose.

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