Residential Electrical Troubleshooting Paperback – March 28, 2021


When Jesse Kuhlman started this guide, his original intention was for it to be used by his own employees of Kuhlman Electrical Services, Inc. to refer to and learn from. Jesse takes the education of his company’s employees very seriously and hoped to make them better field electricians. Being an effective troubleshooter, is one of the more difficult things to teach an employee as it requires a lot of experience due to the many different issues one may come across. As he started to develop the guide, Jesse thought why not tweak it, so it could be used by anyone who is interested? The potential audience includes everyone ranging from homeowners who are interested in electrical problems, to field electricians looking to improve their skills.

This guide covers troubleshooting situations that can be found in residential homes including:
* Switches
* GFCI’s
* Arc-Fault circuit breakers
* Electric Heat
* Electrical Panels
* Lighting
* Basic HVAC systems
* Low voltage doorbell, cable, Cat6 wiring
* Troubleshooting steps depending on situation
* And much more!!

Jesse Kuhlman always said he learned the best from looking at diagrams, and put many in this guide. They can be found throughout and should help the reader in further understanding the material.At the end of writing this guide, Jesse said if this guide helps even one person to be a better electrician, mission accomplished!

PRINT BOOK NOTE – Due to the extremely high cost of printing a color book, this book is printed in black / white. Please email your proof of purchase to me and i will send you a PDF in color of all diagrams and pictures. Thank you for understanding.

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