Soares Book on Grounding 2017


Soares Book on Grounding 2017


Not only does this book explain how and why certain grounding methods are used, but it does so in a logical way, balancing text with photos and illustrations. Cutting through the confusion of industry jargon and common misconceptions, and using correct defined terminology, the authors guide the reader step-by-step through the language and intent of the National Electrical Code, NEC-2017. In accordance with IAEI’s hallmark of systematic explanations, detailed illustrations and photos of actual installations enhance each topic. Why be stumped by grounding and bonding? Bring it down to earth with this updated material.




    • General Fundamentals


    • To Ground or Not to Ground


    • Grounding Electrical Systems


    • Grounding Electrical Services


    • Main Bonding Jumpers and Bonding at Services


    • The Grounding Electrode System


    • Grounding Electrode Conductors


    • Bonding Enclosures and Equipment


    • Equipment Grounding Conductors


    • Enclosure and Equipment Grounding


    • Clearing Ground Faults and Short Circuits


    • Grounding Separately Derived Systems


    • Grounding and Bonding at Buildings or Structures Supplied by Feeders or Branch Circuits


    • Ground-Fault Protection


    • Grounding and Bonding for Special Locations


    • Grounding and Bonding for Special Conditions


    • Grounding and Bonding for Alternate Energy Systems


    • Grounding and Bonding for Electronic Equipment


    • Low-Voltage and Intersystem Grounding and Bonding


    • Grounding of Systems or Circuits of Over 1000 Volts


    • Fundamentals of Lightning Protection


    • Tables


    • Appendix A Origin of Concrete-Encased Electrode


    • Appendix B National Electrical Grounding Research Project


    • Appendix C Metric Conversion Reference


Publisher: IAEI, 2017


ISBN: 9781890659738

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